Scott Ann Setzer

Professional Speaker

Armed with almost three decades of experience and expertise, Scott Ann Setzer has proven to be “one stick of dynamite” as a professional and motivational speaker. During her career as an employee benefits consultant, Scott gave thousands of presentations to both large and small groups consisting of privately and publicly held corporations, CPA’s, attorney’s, financial advisors, employers and employees… all to rave reviews.
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Her Own Words

Boy Named Sue, A Girl Named Scott?

What's in a name? Well, quite a lot when it's YOUR name. But Scott?! "What a strange name for a girl!" If I've heard it once, I've heard it a hundred times... not to mention, "why was I named Scott." This dates back to an old family Scottish tradition where the first born was named "Scott" or "Angus." Perhaps I should be thankful I wasn't named Angus and leave it at that. But as strange as Scott sounds at first, it has opened important doors for me and continues to help me in remarkable ways.
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Speaking Topics

· Stop Picturing Your Audience Naked

Overcoming the Fear of Speaking In Public

· Starting Young - Taking it to the Kids

Overcoming the Fear of Speaking In Public - School Program

** Benefit Administrators, Insurance Brokers, Employers, Investment Advisors and CPAs call or contact us regarding our Consumer Health Care and ROTH 401(K) programs. These programs are current and 'time sensitive' due to changing regulations and policies.

· Consumer Driven Health Care

Up to date information on Health Savings Accounts, Health Retirement Arrangements and Flexible Spending Accounts..CD coming soon!

· ROTH 401(K)

Whether employee or employer the new ROTH 401(K) is a benefit that deserves your attention.

· Rock 'N Roll Retirement

Take one part baby-boomer and decades of education in retirement planning, shake, rattle and roll and we are baking up a series of seminars to assist all of us as we near "pre-retirement" and "retirement".
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