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"Stop Picturing Your Audience Naked!"


DVD: DVD-R Format
55 Minutes

Audio CD: CD-R Format
60 Minutes

Illustrative Book:
36 pages

· Develop your speaking skills with this 55-minute video
· Learn to identify and overcome your speaking anxiety
· Learn how to control your fear and successfully engage any audience

· This small but powerful book will give you what you need to control the three main elements of speaking in public: You, Your Audience, and Your Presentations
· Get ready to smile and laugh as you examine your physical and mental reactions to glossophobia

· For your Car, Home or MP3 player
· Provides you with the tools, tips, and techniques you need to master the factors that block us from success and enjoyment when speaking
· Learn how to control your fear and successfully engage any audience

Price: $24.95

Price: $14.95

Price: $14.95

*Also Available for
Download in MP3 Format:

Price: $12.95


Roth IRA: Two disc Audio CD & PowerPoint Presentation (pdf)

Step Back Roth IRA and Make Room for ROTH 401 (k)

When you cross a Jack Rabbit with an Antelope everyone knows you get a Jackalope, but What do you get when you cross a 401 (k) with a ROTH? This hour long Audio CD is taken from Scott's recent series of seminars detailing and discussing the Roth 401 (k).

This CD and the accompanying Power Point Text (pdf) will give you a through understanding of the Roth 401 (k) (Internal Revenue Code Section 402A), which becomes available to participants of 401 (k) plans years beginning after December 31, 2005.

Whether a 401 (k)  plan participant, advisor, or Employer sponsoring a 401 (k) plan this material will help you on your way to understanding the options, opportunities, and obligations that come along with the Roth 401 (k).

Two CD set: one Audio CD and one with Power Point presentation (pdf).

Price: $22.95



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