Scott Ann Setzer


"Scott is one of the best speakers I have ever had the pleasure to listen to and raises the bar on excellence in public speaking for everyone else."

– Baylis Resnick, VP of Marketing, Polycomp Administrative Services, Inc

"You were very articulate and enthusiastic and I learned a great deal myself."

– Jeanne Meehan...Allison & Partners, Santa Monica, CA

"You are a stick of Dynamite"

- Tito Nguyen, San Diego, CA

"We got a lot of positive feedback from everybody."

- Steve Young, Young Mortgage, Inc.

"You have an awareness of your audience not only to conceptualize the appropriate presentation, but to shift gears during the process to carry the group with you"

- John Agee, M.D., President Hand Biomechanics Lab, Inc.

"You are a kick in the rear. We loved and enjoyed your presentation. You made it so interesting and fun to listen to."

– Cheryl Mastro, Polycomp Administrative Services, Inc.

"Thank you for the energetic presentation."

- Ruben Sanchez, Woodland Hills, CA

High School Audiences From Sacramento High School

"This was a cool session."

"I learned a lot"

"Great Job."

"Come back and help some more."

"I really enjoyed this presentation, Scott is a funny person, she presents valuable information."

"Thanks for coming! We really appreciate it! Very valuable information."

"Funny, nice."

"Scott, you're a funny person."

"Thank you, this has influenced me."

"Very funny and interesting, great presentation!"

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